Spotify Set to Amplify Subscription Fees for Enhanced Audio Experience

Spotify Set to Amplify Subscription Fees for Enhanced Audio Experience
Spotify Set to Amplify Subscription Fees for Enhanced Audio Experience

Spotify is raising subscription prices again, with the increase varying between $1 and $2 per month. The price adjustment will take effect from April in markets such as the UK, Australia, and Pakistan, while US subscribers will experience the increase later this year.

The price hike is attributed to the expansion of Spotify's service to include audiobooks. Spotify introduced audiobooks on a trial basis last year, and the price increase is intended to cover the cost of providing access to these materials. Currently, Spotify generates revenue from audiobooks when subscribers exceed a 15-hour listening limit.

In response to concerns from users who primarily use Spotify for music and have no interest in audiobooks, Spotify is reportedly developing a basic tier. This tier will retain the current $11 per month subscription fee, with the option to add audiobooks as an extra cost.

Spotify has not officially confirmed the price increase but has previously stated that it needs to raise prices to cover the costs of licensing music. Last year's price hike of $1 was p

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