Staking Revolution: X Layer and Swell Network Join Forces for Seamless Experience

Staking Revolution: X Layer and Swell Network Join Forces for Seamless Experience
Staking Revolution: X Layer and Swell Network Join Forces for Seamless Experience

X Layer and Swell Network Forge Partnership for Enhanced Staking Experience

X Layer and Swell Network have announced a collaboration to elevate the staking experience on X Layer's network. This partnership aims to unlock synergies and facilitate a seamless staking process. Swell Network has confirmed the partnership, expressing optimism about the potential benefits.

Swell Network recently announced the upcoming launch of pre-launch deposits, offering rewards to depositors staking specific tokens. X Layer, formerly operating under a different name, has recently rebranded and updated its social media presence.

The X Layer platform is now live in its developer phase, enabling developers to deploy and build decentralized applications (dApps) in a secure environment. X Layer currently hosts over 200 dApps and infrastructure projects, including Ankr, Graph Protocol, and Third Web.

To celebrate the developer phase, X Layer plans to showcase its progress at the HK Web3 Festival 2024. Swell Network has previously invested in projects using staked Ethereum, including Drosera Network and Polyhedra Network.

The partnership between X Layer and Swell Network brings together industry experts with deep understanding of the dynamics of collaboration. This partnership will leverage the strengths of both platforms to offer a seamless staking experience.

X Layer has recently expanded its ecosystem by onboarding six projects, bringing NFT, DeFi, and Web3 capabilities to its platform. These projects include Dackie Swap, SubQuery Network, Nerve Network, Moby HQ, Unitus, and Micro3. X Layer anticipates further ecosystem expansion in the future.

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