Star Wars: KOTOR Remake: Saber Interactive Confirms Ongoing Development

Star Wars: KOTOR Remake: Saber Interactive Confirms Ongoing Development
Star Wars: KOTOR Remake: Saber Interactive Confirms Ongoing Development

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Update

Saber Interactive's CEO, Matthew Karch, has confirmed that the much-anticipated remake of the classic role-playing game "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" is still in active development.

Challenges and Transitions

The project has faced various obstacles since its announcement, including delays, studio changes, and leadership shifts. In 2022, Aspyr, the original developer, passed the reins to Saber Interactive. Despite these setbacks, Karch emphasized that the game's development remains on track.

Limited Details

While Karch did not provide specific details on the project's progress, release date, or exclusivity status, he affirmed that Saber is committed to delivering a high-quality experience that meets or exceeds consumer expectations.

Change of Ownership

Saber Interactive's recent acquisition by a private investor group has fueled speculation about the remake's fate. However, Karch's reassurance suggests that the change in ownership has not significantly impacted the project's development.

Remake Background

"Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" is a full-fledged remake of the beloved 2003 RPG that has garne

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