Tesla's Marketing Mirage: Team Evaporates in Layoff Storm

Tesla's Marketing Mirage: Team Evaporates in Layoff Storm
Tesla's Marketing Mirage: Team Evaporates in Layoff Storm

Tesla Inc. has eliminated a newly formed marketing team as part of companywide layoffs, reversing course from a traditional advertising push that CEO Elon Musk greenlighted less than a year ago.

The entire US "growth content" team, a group of about 40 employees, was eliminated in the ongoing job cuts. The company still has a small number of marketing staff in Europe.

There were also significant layoffs in Tesla's design studio and staff located in Hawthorne, California.

Musk wrote of the content team's work: "The ads were far too generic - could've been any car."

The cuts mark a pullback from Tesla's nascent advertising initiatives. The automaker had long eschewed television, radio, print, or online ads - and had built a formidable brand largely through word-of-mouth - before Musk said last year that Tesla would "try a little advertising and see how it goes."

Investors have increasingly called on Musk to focus more on marketing as global EV sales growth has slowed and more competitors have ente

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