Tex-Mex Chain Tijuana Flats Falls to Bankruptcy's Flames

Tex-Mex Chain Tijuana Flats Falls to Bankruptcy's Flames
Tex-Mex Chain Tijuana Flats Falls to Bankruptcy's Flames

A Tex-Mex restaurant chain, Tijuana Flats, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company has closed 11 locations in Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Tijuana Flats was founded in Winter Park, Florida, in 1995. The company was previously owned by TJF USA, LLC, but was sold to a private equity group in 2015. The current ownership group is Flatheads, LLC.

The company has cited rising food and labor costs as reasons for the bankruptcy filing. In 2021, the company made menu changes in an attempt to boost sales, but these changes had the opposite effect.

The company's new ownership group plans to reinvest in the brand and refocus on the original vision and culture of Tijuana Flats. The remaining locations will continue to operate as usual.

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