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Love doesn’t come easy, especially when you and your sweetheart do not live in the same city or country. Yet, despite the obvious challenges, long-distance relationships are increasingly common. Thanks to technology, couples who live far away from each other have a variety of services and apps that make the journey a little easier. We’ve compiled a list of apps specifically designed for long-distance couples, aiming to support their connection and love until they meet again.

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1. Cupla – a Calendar App

To make sure you can easily synchronize your schedules, you and your significant other (SO) should use a calendar app where you can mark the important events happening during the week. This will help you plan dates and ensure that you make time for each other.

Cupla app interface overview.

For this, you can use an app like Google Calendar (Android, iOS) which boasts robust features and is already pre-installed on many Android phones. However, if you’re looking for a shared calendar app where both partners can access and edit events you might want to try Cupla (Android, iOS). Featuring a stylish interface, Cupla connects the two partners and then enables them to create shared events. You can even set your working hours so that the other person can see when you’re busy.

Once someone has created an event (which can be set as a date), the other person must agree (or decline) to join. Cupla helps you prioritize quality time together by letting you set date night goals within the app. In my own experience using the app, Cupla helped me and my then-long-distance partner avoid misunderstandings regarding availability. In addition, it provided that extra nudge we sometimes needed to plan special activities such as dates.

2. Between – a Photo & Video Sharing App

As a long-distance couple, you’ll need an app for constant communication. This can be anything you’re already using such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram, but if you want a more private and cozy space to express yourself with your boo, then an app such as Between (Android, iOS) might be best suited.

Between app interface overview.

The app connects the two of you via codes. I’ve spent many hours on Between chatting away with my SO. Perhaps one of the main reasons why I really enjoy using this app is the deluge of super adorable stickers and emojis.

On top of that, the app stands out by offering a dedicated space where you can share photos, videos, and notes with your partner. You can also upload stories to show the other person what’s happening throughout your day, a feature very similar to what Instagram offers. Between also lets you send voice messages or have voice calls, but there’s no option for a video chat. Finally, Between also boasts a solid search function so you can easily find past conversations or shared media.

While sharing similarities with Between, Duolop (Android, iOS) offers a few extra features that earned it a place on our list. For starters, it has video chat – so if that’s something you’re constantly engaging in with your SO, you should probably opt for this app instead.

Doulop app interface overview.

While the app features a chat function, it’s pretty basic regarding the stickers and emojis you can share. But that’s not going to be a problem for everyone. Duolop does stand out by allowing you to share doodles with the other person. On top of that, you can challenge your SO to a get-to-know-me game right from the chat window or send inspiring quotes. The app also has video chat.

What attracted me to Duolop was the Watch Together feature which lets you watch YouTube videos together. It’s super convenient and it works great. Sure, if you want to watch content on other platforms, like Netflix or HBO Max, you’ll need a different app, but if your preferred video platform is YouTube, Duolop will cover a large share of your needs.

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4. Marco Polo – a Video Messenger app

If your relationship relies mostly on video interactions, then you might want to consider getting a dedicated video communication app like Marco Polo (Android, iOS.)

Marco Polo app interface overview.

Once you connect on the app, you’ll be able to start sending back-and-forth short video messages. Each of you can view them at your own discretion when the schedule allows for it. After you’ve opened a video, the app will prompt you to send your reply immediately, so that you don’t forget to do so. You can add effects, text, or doodles to your clips if you want.

What about making actual video calls you might be wondering? Marco Polo doesn’t offer that function. You can, however, leave notes, voice messages or share photos, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan (which is not cheap). The best solution is to use the app to send short clips to each other which can be a fun way to interact throughout the day, especially if you’re in different time zones. In case you’re wondering about privacy, the app lets you restrict people from downloading or resharing your Polos (as the short videos are called).

5. Rave – a Joint Streaming App

Duolop already offers the option to watch YouTube together with your loved one, but what if you want to do some long-distance Netflix and chill? An app like Rave (Android, iOS) will help with that.

Rave app interface overview.

But before you start your session, know that you both have to have a subscription to the streaming service you’re using to watch the movie or TV show. That aside, the service works really well. I’ve used it countless times to watch shows on HBO Max or Netflix. If you have Hulu or Apple TV, on the other hand, you won’t be able to access content from these services (at least for the time being).

The app is simple to use. Login with your streaming app account, then select the show and send an invitation. Once the other party has joined, you can start watching and talking. I know I like a good commentary on top of my movies.

6. Couple Game – a Getting to Know Eachother App

Living apart can make it more difficult to engage in more profound conversations. That’s where an app like Couple Game (Android, iOS) enters the equation. Here you’ll find a database of interesting questions that will help promote intimacy in your relationship. You are invited to answer questions such as “When do you feel most emotionally connected to your partner?” or “What gifts do you like to receive?” that can help your loved one get to know you better.

Couple Game app interface overview.

Both of you need to answer the same questions so you can compare notes later. The app also includes a robust collection of conversation starters (cards) for every occasion. We should note that not everything is free to use on this app. For instance, some conversations (including a set of questions) require you to pay for a subscription.

Another interesting bonding app is Paired (Android, iOS) which works similarly. Unfortunately, the majority of content, although deep and insightful, is hidden behind a paywall. You can, however, access a few preliminary conversations and games as a means to assess whether the app could work for you.

Tip: for more alternatives on how to spend your time together, check out our list of best online games to play with friends.

7. Thinkovu – A Thinking of You App

Make your SO’s day by sending them a cute reminder that you’re thinking about them with the Thinkovu app (Android, iOS.)

Thinkovu app interface overview.

It’s an adorable concept with an easy-to-use interface. Select the kind of Tink you’d like to send including a simple Thinking of You reminder, photo, doodle, or short message, and send it on its way.

The other party has half an hour to reply to your Tink. It’s a really simple and effective way of bringing a smile to your favorite person’s face. In the long run, this app can promote intimacy in your relationship, allowing you to feel closer to your partner emotionally.

If you still need more ideas of what you can do together, check out these games you can play with your partner in 2024. Some can be played remotely, but not all, in which case you should save them for when you and your partner meet in person.

Image credit: Pexels All screenshots by Alexandra Arici

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