The Rise of Community Solar: States Embracing Renewable Energy

The Rise of Community Solar: States Embracing Renewable Energy
The Rise of Community Solar: States Embracing Renewable Energy

Which States Have Community Solar?

Community solar is a model that allows you to subscribe to power produced at a large solar array or farm in your utility's service area.

Top States for Community Solar

As of December 2021:

  • Florida
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Massachusetts

States Planning to Implement Community Solar

  • New Mexico
  • Hawaii

How to Join a Community Solar Program

  1. Contact a community solar provider.
  2. Provide your utility account information.
  3. Sign a contract.
  4. Determine payment arrangements.

Pros and Cons of Community Solar


  • Reduces fossil fuel use
  • Lowers energy bills, especially for low- and middle-income families
  • Provides an alternative for renters and those who cannot install solar panels
  • Supports farmers and other property owners through land leasing


  • Can be confusing to understand
  • Some utilities offer unfavorable pricing
  • Billing can be confusing without consolidated billing

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