Trump's Truth Social Bonanza: Paper Profits Soaring

Trump's Truth Social Bonanza: Paper Profits Soaring
Trump's Truth Social Bonanza: Paper Profits Soaring

Former President Donald Trump is on the verge of scoring a major financial
bonanza – at least on paper.

As long as Trump Media & Technology Group’s share price doesn’t spectacularly
implode before Tuesday’s closing bell, Trump is on track to receive another 36
million shares as the owner of Truth Social.

This milestone is on track to be hit after the market closes on Tuesday.

Even though Trump Media is losing money and Truth Social is very tiny, those new
shares Trump is in line to receive would be valued at about $1.3 billion at
current prices.

Although Trump Media’s share price has been cut in half since peaking on March
27, it’s still trading comfortably above levels that would trigger certain
performance provisions in the merger agreement.

According to SEC filings,
Trump Media can issue additional shares to pre-merger shareholders such as the
former president if the dollar volume-weighted average price equals or exceeds
$12.50 for any 20 trading days within any 30 day trading period beginning on
March 25.

The full earnout of 40 million shares would be trigge

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