Truth Social Parent Company's Shares Plunge Amidst Short-Seller Skepticism

Truth Social Parent Company's Shares Plunge Amidst Short-Seller Skepticism
Truth Social Parent Company's Shares Plunge Amidst Short-Seller Skepticism

Trump Media & Technology Group (DJT) shares fell further on Monday morning. The Truth Social parent company has seen major declines since going public through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. in late March.

This volatility comes after Trump Media CEO and former California Congressman Devin Nunes pushed back against short-sellers casting doubt on the company's performance.

Trump Media shares have been surrounded by opinion, with people sharing their thoughts on the volatile run since the merger. 

The stock's value was around $2.9 billion at Friday's close, with the former president set to receive an additional $1.3 billion in share awards. 

The volatility within Trump Media shares is opening off just about 2%. 

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