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Ubisoft CEO Questioned About Xbox Potentially 'Going Multi-Platform'

"It's not a huge impact on the industry"

Image: Ubisoft

As we've already mentioned today, Ubisoft held a conference call as part of its latest earnings report for Q3 FY2024 last night, and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot ended up being asked about the Xbox rumours doing the rounds right now.

Specifically, a journalist questioned the Ubi boss on what he thinks about the potential of Xbox "going multi-platform", to which he replied that he can't really comment on the situation - although he did share a little bit of his opinion:

"On the Microsoft rumours, we can't comment. They really are going to decide what's best for them. What you have to look at is that Activision Blizzard used to be multi-platform, so it would have an impact but it's not a huge impact on the industry".

It's hard to know how much Guillemot knows about the situation, such as whether he thinks it's limited to Activision Blizzard titles or Xbox's wider portfolio, and understandably he doesn't want to get into specifics at the moment.

The comments about Activision Blizzard are interesting though, especially considering Ubisoft recently bought the cloud streaming rights to ActiBlizz games, so whatever happens next could have an effect on Ubisoft moving forward. Based on what we're seeing here though, Guillemot doesn't seem to think it'll have a "huge impact" in any case.

What are your thoughts about the CEO's comments here? Tell us down below.

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