Unifying Blockchain: Skate's App-Centric Solution to Fragmentation

Unifying Blockchain: Skate's App-Centric Solution to Fragmentation
Unifying Blockchain: Skate's App-Centric Solution to Fragmentation

Skate's App-Centric Approach to Blockchain Fragmentation

The proliferation of blockchain networks has exposed limitations in user experience, particularly for moving assets across chains. Traditionally, applications are deployed across multiple isolated networks, leading to "application fragmentation." This fragmentation hinders seamless interoperability, increases development costs, and degrades user experience.

Skate, formerly known as Range Protocol, aims to address this issue by establishing a universal application layer that connects all chains. It proposes a "hub and spoke model" where transactions are matched and executed by users, with EigenLayer providing fast finality.

This multichain interaction is facilitated by a network of off-chain "executors" who compete for the right to settle transactions. By centralizing this process, Skate aims to improve user experience by eliminating the need for fragmented deployments with differing states.

Skate's Universal Application Scope

Skate's "Universal Application Scope" concept separates application logic and state from underlying assets. Applications can run on all chains with a single state, while assets remain on their native networks. This agnostic approach allows applications to interact with users across different chains, including Solana.

Benefits for Developers and Users

Skate's approach provides several benefits for dapp developers and users. By streamlining application deployment, developers can focus on value-added services instead of managing multiple fragmented deployments. Users, on the other hand, experience seamless asset management and interaction with dapps across chains.

Industry Support and Future Developments

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