Unlock Lower Mortgage Rates: Tips to Secure a 6% Haven

Unlock Lower Mortgage Rates: Tips to Secure a 6% Haven
Unlock Lower Mortgage Rates: Tips to Secure a 6% Haven

Current Mortgage Rates Are Around 7%

Mortgage rates fluctuate daily, but as of March, the average weekly rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has been around 7%, according to Bankrate, CNET's sister site.

7% vs. 6%: What's the Difference?

Securing a 6% rate can result in savings on your monthly payment and over the life of the loan. A 1 percentage point difference may seem insignificant, but the savings accumulate over time.

How to Get a 6% Mortgage Rate Now

Several factors influence mortgage rates. While you cannot control economic factors, you can prepare your finances to obtain the best deal and

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