Unlock the Secrets of Banana Peels: Eye-mazing Skin Benefits

Unlock the Secrets of Banana Peels: Eye-mazing Skin Benefits
Unlock the Secrets of Banana Peels: Eye-mazing Skin Benefits

How Banana Peels May Improve Skin Under the Eyes

The skin under the eyes can be a problem area for many people, with puffiness or under-eye bags being common. Aging, crying, lack of sleep, and certain health conditions can all contribute to this. However, a specific compound found in banana peels may help ward off under-eye bags.

Tannins in Banana Peels

The magical compounds found in banana peels are tannins, which may leave skin looking brighter and firmer. Tannins are natural astringents that help tighten and tone the skin. The tannin content of a ripe Awak banana peel is 4.69%, while the tannin content of an unripened peel is 6.48%.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

In addition to fighting off sagging and brightening up the skin under the eyes, banana peel may also help lessen inflammation. A study published in the Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences found that banana peel extract resolved tissue inflammation in rats. The researchers deemed that banana peel extract may offer protective properties against acne vulgaris.

When to Avoid Using Banana Peels Under the Eyes

While beauty influencers may recommend DIY banana peel treatments under the eyes, it's important to proceed with caution. No scientific research has been conducted on the subject, so it's unknown if there are any long-term effects.

People with food allergies should avoid using banana peels under the eyes as they risk having an allergic reaction. The tannin content in banana peels may also dry out skin.

Instead of using banana peels, it's best to stick with dermatologist-recommended products. Some skincare creams and lotions do contain banana extract, but the ing

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