Unveiling Clive and Torgal in Final Fantasy XIV from the Realm of XVI

Unveiling Clive and Torgal in Final Fantasy XIV from the Realm of XVI
Unveiling Clive and Torgal in Final Fantasy XIV from the Realm of XVI

Unlocking Clive's Armor and Torgal from Final Fantasy 16 in FF14

The latest crossover event in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) introduces characters from Final Fantasy XVI (FF16), including Clive Rosfield and his companion Torgal. This collaboration offers exclusive rewards for completing a short questline.


  • Level 50 or above
  • Completion of the quest "Ultimate Weapon"


Begin the crossover questline by speaking to the "Neophyte Adventurer" in Ul'dah, Steps of Nald. Accept the quest "A Land On Fire."

Follow the quest markers to Camp Drybone and interact with the wandering minstrel. Use the spyglass to locate Clive Rosfield on a rock platform in the water.

Talk to Clive to progress through the dialogue and be transported back to Thanalan. Continue following the objectives to complete the first quest.

Speak to Clive again to pick up the next quest, "Path To Recall." Travel to Gridania by airship. Follow Clive as he follows you around. Engage in conversations with him at each glowing circle around Gridania.

After overhearing a conversation about Garuda, talk to the Serpent Scout and head to the designated location. Complete the quest by triggering several conversations.

Final Quest: "Path Infernal"

Pick up the "Path Infernal" quest to initiate the final quest. Witness a cutscene and be teleported into a dream.

Ifrit Encounter:

Engage in a battle against Ifrit. Utilize two additional actions:

  • Rising Flame: Clive's uppercut for massive damage. Use when available.
  • Dodge: Pai

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