Unveiling the Shadowy Powers: MagicDot Paths Grant Hackers Rootkit Abilities

Unveiling the Shadowy Powers: MagicDot Paths Grant Hackers Rootkit Abilities
Unveiling the Shadowy Powers: MagicDot Paths Grant Hackers Rootkit Abilities

Researchers Uncover Windows Flaws Granting Hackers Rootkit-Like Powers

New research has found that the DOS-to-NT path conversion process could be exploited by threat actors to achieve rootkit-like capabilities to conceal and impersonate files, directories, and processes.

MagicDot Paths

During the conversion process, a function removes trailing dots and spaces from the path elements. This action creates so-called MagicDot paths, which allow for rootkit-like functionality accessible to any unprivileged user.


These paths enable attackers to:

  • Hide files and processes
  • Affect prefetch file analysis
  • Make users believe malware is a verified Microsoft executable
  • Disable Process Explorer with a denial of service vulnerability

Security Shortcomings

The underlying issue has led to the discovery of four security shortcomings:

  • An elevation of privilege (EoP) deletion vulnerability
  • An elevation of privilege (EoP) write vulnerability (CVE-2023-32054)
  • A remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2023-36396)
  • A denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability impacting Process Explorer (CVE-2023-42757)


"This research is the first of its kind to explore how known issues that appear to be harmless can be exploited to develop vulnerabilities and, ultimately, pose a significant security risk," said Or Yair, a SafeBreach security researcher.

The implications extend beyond Microsoft Windows to all software vendors who allow known issues to persist in their software.

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