Upcoming Intel Arrow Lake-S and Lunar Lake SKUs revealed through CPU-Z listings

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What just happened? Recent patch notes revealed the names of several upcoming Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs and Lunar Lake mobile processors ahead of their official launch. If the information is accurate, the portfolio will consist of at least six Arrow Lake-S SKUs expected to launch in October and eight Lunar Lake models that Intel could unveil in September.

The names of the upcoming CPUs were revealed via patch notes for CPU-Z v2.10, which added support for several new processors from Intel and AMD. Alongside the Arrow Lake-S and Lunar Lake SKUs, the listing also mentioned several Ryzen 9000 Granite Ridge CPUs and Ryzen AI 300 Strix Point APUs.

The Arrow Lake-S lineup is rumored to include at least 13 SKUs at launch. However, the CPU-Z patch notes only listed the names of six models, including pairs of Core Ultra 9, Core Ultra 7, and Core Ultra 5 variants. The lineup is led by the flagship Core Ultra 9 285K, a 24-core chip clocked at up to 5.5GHz. It is also expected to offer up to 36MB of L3 cache and have a 125W TDP.

Here are all the six Arrow Lake-S SKUs listed by CPUID:

  • Core Ultra 9 285K
  • Core Ultra 9 275
  • Core Ultra 7 265K
  • Core Ultra 7 255
  • Core Ultra 5 245K
  • Core Ultra 5 240

The v2.10 patch also added support for at least eight Lunar Lake SKUs, including the flagship Core Ultra 9 288V, rumored to have eight cores and a max boost frequency of up to 5.1GHz. While the CPU-Z listing confirms most of the SKUs revealed through an earlier leak, one SKU conspicuously absent from the list is the Core Ultra 5 238V.

Here's the full Lunar Lake list as revealed by CPUID:

  • Core Ultra 9 288V
  • Core Ultra 7 268V
  • Core Ultra 7 266V
  • Core Ultra 7 258V
  • Core Ultra 7 256V
  • Core Ultra 5 236V
  • Core Ultra 5 228V
  • Core Ultra 5 226V

Intel is on track to launch its Arrow Lake-S desktop processors in October, while the Lunar Lake-V chips could launch in September. If the unofficial launch time frames are accurate, PCs powered by Intel's latest chips should be available on store shelves by the next holiday season.


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