West Rejects Ukraine Troop Deployment to Avoid Confrontation with Putin

West Rejects Ukraine Troop Deployment to Avoid Confrontation with Putin
West Rejects Ukraine Troop Deployment to Avoid Confrontation with Putin

Lord Cameron rules out Western troops in Ukraine

Lord Cameron has ruled out sending Western troops into Ukraine to avoid giving Russian President Vladimir Putin "a target."

Speaking on the BBC's Ukrainecast podcast, the foreign secretary acknowledged that "the war will be lost if the allies don't step up." However, he said that sending troops into Ukraine was not the right approach.

"We don't want to give Putin a target like that," he said.

Lord Cameron said that Nato must be in the "best possible shape" by the US elections. He will be making his second visit to the United States next week and will be urging Congress to give more financial support to Ukraine.

"If we can get that money out of the US Congress, if we can get Ukraine the arms they need, if we can show Putin that he can't outwait us and that Ukraine is going to fight back and win back more of its territory," he said, "we'll look at the situation in Ukraine and... look at more and more Nato members spending 2% of their GDP on defense and say, this is a success story. I want to invest in this success."

Lord Cameron said that Nato would have to work with whoever wins this year's US election, and that now was the time to get into "the best possible shape by November."

Long-range missiles

Some Nato members have sent weapons to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons, missile defense systems, artillery guns, tanks, and military drones. The US and UK have also supplied long-range missiles.

Nato countries have not sent troops to Ukraine and have ruled out using their air forces to impose a no-fly zone over the country, due to fears that such action could provoke a direct conflict with Russia.

Lord Cameron said that Nato would intervene if the war spills over the Ukrainian border into Poland or the Baltics, but that Western troops would not be sent into Ukraine itself.

"We don't want to give Putin a target like that," he said.

Lord Cameron said that the UK would use the "architecture of Nato" to deliver support to Ukraine, but that there was a distinction between a Nato mission "for Ukraine" and "in Ukraine."

He added: "I think it's not escalatory to say we're going to help this independent, sovereign country to fight off an aggressor and we're going to give it all the help we can in order to do that."

Britain has given Ukraine more than £7 billion and trained more than 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers. However, the foreign secretary urged other countries backing Ukraine to also step up, perhaps by donating weapons.

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