Windblown: A Roguelike Symphony of Speed and Style

Windblown: A Roguelike Symphony of Speed and Style
Windblown: A Roguelike Symphony of Speed and Style

Windblown, the upcoming roguelite from the developers behind Dead Cells, has unveiled its fast-paced gameplay in a recent trailer. The isometric action game features a protagonist wielding an arsenal of swords, spears, and guns, reminiscent of Hades and other roguelikes.

The trailer showcases lightning-fast combat that appears tight and satisfying, much like Dead Cells. Influences from Devil May Cry and Bayonetta are evident, suggesting an emphasis on stylish and intense combat. The game's tagline, "dash, die, and repeat," highlights the importance of dashing as a maneuver, adding a sense of speed and mobility to the gameplay.

In a unique twist on the roguelite genre, Windblown introduces three-player cooperative gameplay. This feature allows players to tackle the game's challenges with friends, similar to summoning aid in Souls games. The gameplay trailer did not disclose a specific release date but confirmed an early access launch on Steam later this year.

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