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Node.js Server-Side JavaScript – What is Node Used For?

The release of Node.js in 2009 by Ryan Dahl increased the scope of what developers could do with JavaScript. Prior to that, you could only use JavaScript on the client side (the browser) or frontend of web applications. With Node.js,...

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How to Use the Command Line Interface – for Beginners

There's a lot to learn when you're getting into tech. But fortunately there are some skills that you can use across different programming languages, operating systems, and tools. And knowing how to use the command line interface (also...

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Chrome 106 Stable fixes 20 security issues - gHacks Tech News

Google published a new stable version of its Chrome web browser just a moment ago (if you are reading this on September 27th, 2022). The new version of Google Chrome is a security update, but it introduces...

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How to Debug Your Python Code with the Python Debugger (pdb)

Debugging tools are at the heart of any programming language. And as a developer, it's hard to make progress and write clean code unless you know your way around these tools. This article will help you get acquainted with one such tool:...

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How to Implement Vertical Scrolling in React Using react-router-hash-link

Smooth scrolling is a feature that makes webpages more usable and allows for a better user scrolling experience in most browsers. Implementing a smooth page scroll while using react-router-dom has been a problem in React.js. So this...

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Building a photo gallery app using Flutter - LogRocket Blog

Are you looking for a fun project to scale up your learning in Flutter? Then this is the one for you! This article will guide you on how to build a photo gallery app using the image_editor package in Flutter....

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Considering Control Flow And Transient Data Relationships In ColdFusio

Back in the day, when I had no separation of concerns in my ColdFusion application architecture, some things were actually easier because I was always dealing with raw data. Which meant, if I had an optional...

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What is Information Systems? Definition for Beginners

You may have heard the term "information systems" as a type of degree some people get from a college or university. Or maybe you've heard it as a general term used to describe information and communication systems in general. Information...

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Ghacks Deals: The 2022 Complete Linux Certification Learning Paths: Lifetime Subscription - gHacks Tech News

The 2022 Complete Linux Certification Learning Paths: Lifetime Subscription gives you access to a learn-by-doing Linux platform that is regarded highly. The offer includes the following: In-house experts. Learn from full-time Training […]

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Creating React Native badge components in iOS - LogRocket Blog

Badges are effective tools for alerting users about important developments relating to applications. They can display the number of pending notifications for an app, show the days until a certain deadline,...

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Pwndrop on Linode | Linux Journal

When I first ran across PwnDrop, I was intrigued at what the developers had in mind with it. For instance, if you're a white-hat hacker and are looking to share exploits safely with your client, you might use...

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ONLYOFFICE 7.2 Released with Various New Features & Improvements - OMG! Ubuntu!

An updated version of ONLYOFFICE is available to download for Windows, macOS, and Linux.ONLYOFFICE 7.2 ships with all of the latest changes to the online version, plus some ‘unique features’ exclusive to the...

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