40 Best Black Friday Business Deals You Cannot Miss

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It’s the shopping season, and why won’t we help you in finding mouth-watering black Friday deals? So, here we are, presenting the top ones you surely don’t want to miss!

My peers in the states wait for this season to shop. And, seeing the deals, I can’t agree more.

Being a geek hub, we will cover what we always write about: VPNs, web hosts, marketing tools, productivity software, etc.

Without any further wait, let’s jump to save some good money.


expressvpn black-firday-deal

The king of VPNs, ExpressVPN, is for anyone asking for uninterrupted streaming and gaming. The user interface is butter smooth, and the encrypted speeds are one the best in the entire VPN industry.

ExpressVPN global servers make sure you are not left craving, no matter which corner of the world you live in.

Besides, the 24/7 live chat support is there for any unforeseen issues you may encounter.

Finally, the native applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, WiFi routers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc., cover most devices.

And did I tell you about the 30-day money-back guarantee?



IPRoyal is a proxy powerhouse one can use for personnel and business applications. The subscriptions offer great flexibility, and the features are something to reckon with.

You can sign up for residential, sneaker, data center, private, and mobile proxies assigned exclusively per user.

And as per the use case, the attributes vary with the subscription price.

Some of the primary features include no long-term contracts, unlimited bandwidth, worldwide locations, auto-rotation, instant IP change, etc.

Besides, IPRoyal offers 99.9% uptime, 24/7 service, SOCKS5, and HTTPS support, making it an attractive gateway to online anonymity.

Coupon: GEEKFLARE for 85% off.



Powered by Google Cloud, SiteGround is one of the few WordPress-recommended web hosts.

You should seriously consider this, given its intuitive interface and dominant performance.

It features a WP migrator, free SSL, daily backups, free CDN, SSH access, professional email, and a secure WordPress installation throughout its service life.

The higher-tier subscriptions also include on-demand backups, staging, an ultra-fast PHP, private DNS, priority support, etc.

Finally, the 24/7 support is there to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues, and the 30-day money-back guarantee paves the way for a risk-free trial.


mondly-black friday deal

Learning a language can be frustrating and boring or interesting and interactive. With Mondly, most people tend to feel the latter.

Mondly is for everyone, for multi-language enthusiasts to busy professionals hoping to master a specific job-centered language. The lessons are short and engaging and make you feel the incoming skills every time you open its app.

Besides, the leaderboard keeps things challenging by allowing you to see progress against other Mondly users. It boasts 41 language subscriptions, or you can choose any one to keep things economical.

Mondly has applications for Android and iOS, and you can also use it on a browser with its web app. And taking learning to the next level, you have its VR and AR applications.

Lastly, its free version is about trying it out with complete peace of mind.


internxt black friday deal

When the big techs are regularly accused of snooping, we need something like Internxt to keep things private.

Internxt is a blockchain-powered, peer-to-peer data network without any centralized data storage.

This gives you bank-grade AES-256 bit encrypted cloud storage in a drive and photo gallery and a similarly secure tool for online file sharing.

Besides, this is 100% open source and end-to-end encrypted.

You can use Internxt on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The best thing? A forever free Internxt account, offering all their services with 10GB cloud storage.



The next black Friday special deal is about Proton.

Headquartered in Switzerland and founded by MIT and CERN scientists, they are some of the best privacy advocates, with free versions of their privacy-oriented services, including mail, encrypted drive, and calendar.

However, ProtonVPN is their flagship product I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone serious about online privacy.

Secure by design, this checks all the right boxes for most users. Great speeds, an intuitive interface, and excellent security options make this a no-nonsense choice.

Finally, there is a 30-day money-back scheme if you feel otherwise.



If one thing needs cleaning more than this planet, it’s our computers and smartphones. There is so much on these devices we never dare to clean up, compromising security and performance.

CCleaner makes its case to do all that you never tried yourself. This packs a driver & software updater, junk clean & guard, automatic tune-ups, and privacy protection.

The top-tier subscription also includes CCleaner for Mac and Android smartphones and Recuva Pro for recovering deleted files.

Finally, every subscriber is protected with its 30-day cash-back guarantee. Buy now and get a 20% discount!

Nexcess WP Hosting

nexcess black friday deal

Nexcess WP Hosting is about being online and staying afloat with minimum effort.

The tech stack you get with this managed WordPress hosting is unbeatable. Free object cache pro, image compression, and built-in CDN are just the tip of this high-performing WordPress package.

Besides, every subscription ships with free SSL, 24/7 server monitoring, free business emails, and automatic updates.

Moreover, iThemes Security Pro couples every plan, making your WordPress project super secure.

A fantastic black Friday deal offering 75% off awaits you, while the 30-day money-back guarantee is for trying it out while risking nothing.



Upskilling and training by the industry pros is what Udacity is all about. The huge number of programs means a high chance for everyone to find the desired online course at Udacity.

Featuring experts from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, NVIDIA, BMW, etc., this e-learning platform guarantees a response to all your queries in one hour or less.

Udacity covers in-demand domains like AI, business, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, product management, etc.

All learners can apply for scholarships and avail of a 2-day cancellation policy for full refunds if things don’t go as expected.

Enroll now and get 75% off.


atlas-vpn-black friday deal

AtlasVPN has many perks for its users, but the most enticing is unlimited connections on a single subscription.

However, features such as multihop, native adblocking, and a rock-bottom price point makes it a high-performance, economical VPN for all.

Besides, multiple IP addresses with its SafeSwap give a big boost to your online anonymity.

AtlasVPN has native applications for major platforms, and a 30-day money-back guarantee means you can try it without any second thoughts.

And an enticing deal with an 85% black Friday discount is to help you save maximum.


Managing personal finance is never a piece of cake unless you have something like Quicken.

Creating budgets, checking every spend, planning retirement, or tracking investments, Quicken felt like a shortcut to efficient personal finance management.

What really made its case for me is the one-click pay to all the subscriptions from the Quicken dashboard. This assists in paying on time and avoiding logging in separately to each service website.

Additionally, the charts are about seeing the big picture and planning accordingly.

Customized reports, capital gains estimator, invoicing tools, and seamless presence across platforms are some of the other perks of having Quicken.

Finally, a 30-day money-back guarantee is there to clear all doubts.



While everyone loves them, digital marketers know the true value of video. However, the road to creating a good one is tough if you haven’t got an effortless video creator like InVideo at your disposal.

To start this in their favor, InVideo has a decently capable forever-free version. It offers video sharing, 5000+ video templates, over three million strong media library, and more to get you started.

The paid versions include background remover, HD exports, iStock media, no watermarks, and premium elements to create eye-grabbing video content.

Besides, the mobile application is for editing on the go.

Overall, InVideo presents an easy way for audio and video editing for experts and newbies alike.

Coupon: Early35 to get a 35% discount.

WP Engine


Talk of time-tested WordPress hosts and WP Engine is the first name that comes to mind. Straightaway, it’s not about the dirt-cheap shared hosting, but reliable performance and superior security for vital web projects.

WP Engine has many products for small businesses to big-size conglomerates.

They are WordPress experts, and the depth of the hosting features speaks for itself. Automated updates, managed upgrades, 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, one-click staging, 10 premium themes, and integrated CDN are some of the things users praise them for.

Finally, the unseen 60-day money-back guarantee demonstrates WP Engine’s confidence in their products one should definitely consider trying.

Coupon: Cyberweekend22 to get four months free.

FL Studio


FL Studio is about studio-level audio editing, presenting one-of-a-kind, free lifetime updates with a one-time purchase.

A 20-year veteran in the industry, FL Studio is often tagged as the best digital audio workstation by sound artists.

Its graphical interface makes audio production really effortless. For those who don’t know, this is the same software Alan Walker used for music production from his bedroom before rising to fame.

There are plenty of subscription options, and you can also try this with a fully functional, limited-time, free trial.

FL Studio currently features interesting deals offering a minimum of 20% black Friday discount.

Namecheap Domain


Being a user myself, I can testify to Namecheap’s efficacy as the second-biggest domain registrar by market share.

The user interface is fluid, and all the options are laid upfront. Besides, the help section is rich, featuring detailed support sections solving common issues.

The most surprising fact is Namecheap hardly gets any praise for its support which never let me down in my three years (and still going strong) subscription with them.

In addition to the domain, I would suggest trying their shared hosting as well, especially if you’re looking for an ultra-affordable starter package.

Moreover, you can opt for their WordPress hosting (one month free), Namecheap VPN, professional emails, and much more.

Black Friday Special: Up to 98% off on domains.


hostinger black friday deal

Hostinger is a powerful web host with a 99.9% uptime guarantee covering all subscriptions. In addition, the global presence makes it easy to choose the optimal server location based on user density.

Hostinger has subscriptions featuring standard web hosting, managed WordPress, cloud hosting, and agencies-oriented plans.

Based on the category, the plans start with a hugely discounted first year to test the waters.

Professional email, free SSL, backups, website builder, free domain (first year), free migration, SSH access, etc., are some of the goodies present with most plans.

Additionally, Hostinger boasts of a custom-built caching solution, 24/7 support, and a 30-day cash back to make its case.

Presently, Hostinger runs a black Friday special package with up to 80% off on four-year subscriptions.



HostPapa is another web host known for its affordable subscriptions and superior customer service.

Best for small businesses, HostPapa subscriptions start from as little as less than a dollar per month to hundreds of dollars.

You get user-friendly features such as zero-downtime migration, free SSL, professional email, 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, website staging, free domain (first year), etc.

Besides, the subscriptions offer web hosting, WordPress hosting, virtual private servers, reseller hosting, etc. Except for the base tier, all higher plans can have a free 30-minute getting started assistance call.

As a goodwill gesture, HostPapa has been 100% carbon neutral since 2006.

HostPapa offers money-back guarantees to all its users, and presently running discounts exceeding 50% on web hosting services.

A2 Hosting

a2-hosting black friday deal

Blazing fast with countless subscription options is what really defines A2 Hosting.

It might not be the cheapest option to start with; regardless, it’s one of the most reliable in terms of support and performance.

My personal experience with them resulted in a well-optimized WordPress website with default configurations (more in this A2 hosting review).

A2 Hosting is loaded with features like a 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL, business emails, automatic backups, free migrations, website staging, and more. However, the exact set depends on the hosting category and subscription package.

I would highly recommend trying A2 Hosting, irrespective of the project size. Besides, you can get a full refund under 30-day of service and a rare partial cash back after the first month.

Similar to others, A2 Hosting black Friday deals are live with up to 80% off on all subscriptions.

Liquid Web


Liquid Web is a premium web host with an eye-catching price-to-performance ratio. This section features its dedicated servers–servers working just for you, with no sharing at all.

This means hardware resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) allocated per customer, a huge step up from the virtual private servers (VPS) and infinitely superior to shared hosting.

The package includes 24/7 support, off-site backups, root access, and robust DDoS protection. Besides, every subscription has the benefits of Cloudflare CDN, ServerSecure protection, server control panel, IPMI access, a secondary backup drive, and 100% power and network SLA.

Undoubtedly, it’s meant for high-stakes web projects and costs a bit heavier. However, this black Friday special gives up to 75% off for the first two months and up to 50% for the entire server life subsequently.

Coupon: BFA2022



Written business communication is crucial, and to have a second set of eyes before we hit send or publish is always welcome.

However, this isn’t always possible and that’s where AI tools like ProWritingAid come into the picture. In a nutshell, ProWritingAid is the top Grammarly alternative.

ProWritingAid has a powerful free version, but one needs its paid subscription to experience all the goodness at once.

It features unlimited document storage, advanced analysis reports, uncapped word count, comparison with over 40 renowned authors, custom style guides, etc.

Overall it’s excellent and seems to do more than its established rival. And there is a 14-day money-back if you don’t see things going as planned.



IObit’s wealthy portfolio features system optimization and security tools for Windows, Mac, and Android.

And there are multiple deals based on the bundle you choose.

For instance, the best one of the lot offers a 91% discount on a collective purchase of Advanced SystemCare, IObit uninstaller, and Driver Booster.

However, anything you buy before black Friday comes with a minimum of 85% discount.

Besides, there are free versions of most tools you can try before subscribing to the paid ones. And to keep things in your favor, IObit has a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.



Though it also offers ‘regular’ web hosting, Scalahosting is a VPS pro.

It has state-of-the-art in-house tools for security (SShield), a VPS control panel (SPanel), and WordPress projects (SwordPress), setting it apart from most of the rest.

The subscriptions offer full root access, free website migration, free SSL, daily backups, staging, collaboration, 1-click app installer, powerful security, caching, etc.

Additionally, all of their VPS plans are powered with unlimited bandwidth, NVMe storage, and a list of countless developer-friendly features.

Lastly, Scalahosting offers an ‘unconditional’ money-back guarantee. This helps you claim a refund for unused services any time you wish without any deadline.

Coupon: BFCM2022S



YouMail isn’t another email service or client. Instead, it’s your way to effortless call, text, and voicemail management.

For starters, YouMail helps you with spam calls, call forwarding, auto-response, call transfer, caller ID check, call routing, etc.

Moreover, features such as personalized greetings and professionally recorded messages indicate YouMail’s compatibility with businesses and individuals alike.

You can also add a secondary phone number to manage certain contacts (read business) differently. Besides, you get a visual voicemail app with useful features like voicemail forwarding, voicemail to email or text, etc.

Finally, every purchase is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

iThemes Security


WordPress accounts for over 40% of websites. It’s simple and efficient, with lots of themes and plugins doing complex things in the backend.

However, having these many add-ons has its own drawbacks, and one of those is a constant security threat.

iThemes Security is a plugin that acts as a guardian of your WordPress project. It’s easy to configure and presents a few clicks way to robust security.

It adds security protocols like two-factor authentication, passwordless login, custom password policy, reCAPTCHA, etc.

Besides, iThemes Security blocks brute force attacks and offers 24/7 support, a site scanner, and many more features to keep your WordPress project safe.

iThemes Security has a free version. However, the paid has many benefits you can get with a black Friday deal.

Coupon: BFCM22



LearnDash is a learning management system based on WordPress. With the limitless flexibility WordPress ships with, LearnDash makes it even more enticing for tutors looking to create an independent teaching avenue.

You get the essential tools for course creation, quiz building, certification, video lessons, drip-feeding, coupons, subscriptions, etc.

This comes in two flavors: just the LearnDash plugin and full website hosting.

The plugin is where you manage the WordPress installation, and the other option is completely managed, with you handling only the core business without hosting worries.

One can take the demo and enjoy the 15-day money-back guarantee subsequently.

Coupon: BFCM22



Adobe has a gigantic portfolio of applications some creators can’t live without. And while there are substitutes all over the internet, matching Adobe’s efficiency is unheard of.

But since most Adobe tools are paid (with a free trial), this festive season is the best to save some bucks.

The black Friday deals offer discounted first-year subscriptions to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Premiere Pro, Express, InDesign, Lightroom, etc.

Additionally, all purchases are backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee.


OptinMonster is there to crack the tough nut commonly known as marketing.

This is easy to configure with its drag-and-drop builder. Besides, it makes it really simple to target specific website visitors based on scroll depth, geolocation, inactivity, exit intent, active webpage, device, etc.

You can set it to detect Adblock programs to ask users to turn them off.

OptinMonster empowers your inner digital marketer with tools such as lightboxes, sliding pop-overs, countdown timers, sidebar forms, inline forms, coupon wheels, etc.

This works equally well on desktops and mobile and effortlessly integrates with the tools you already use.

Finally, the analytics tools like A/B testing and real-time behavior automation pave the way for an excellent conversion rate.

And you can subscribe to this premium marketing tool without any risk with its 14-day full refund guarantee.

WP Rocket


Webmasters know a good cache plugin can make a huge impact on your WordPress website performance. WP Rocket assists you in setting up a fast-loading website to avoid users bouncing off to your competition.

And while some (free) cache plugins are riddled with clunky user interfaces and lackluster performance, WP Rocket is a premium option for high-stakes projects.

It is packed with page caching, GZIP compression, cache preloading, and browser caching, resulting in the fastest loading times.

Besides, it’s straightforward to set up, and compatible with content delivery networks.

If not convinced, you can opt for their 14-day money-back to get a full refund.



Shared hosting is the one many start their journeys with, which is perfectly right. But what can go wrong is the choice of a host.

Since WordPress is known to be a little resource-hungry, InMotionHosting can be the ideal way to get started.

All subscriptions are powered by NVMe SSD storage, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, business email, on-site and offsite backups, etc., to give a power-packed WordPress performance.

In addition, you get 24/7 support, a free domain (first year), premium plugins, migration tools, staging, CDN, SSH access, and more.

Finally, all plans come with a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.



Datacamp helps you learn the art of data analysis, data science, ML, NLP, and much more from the top talent working in tier-one companies.

All you need is your web browser and choose a career path, a skill, or a new technology to start with.

You can get a taste by registering for the free first lesson of up to six courses and pay to advance to the complete course library subsequently.

Besides, one can utilize Datacamp to upskill its business workforce.

In addition, Datacamp helps you recruit with a money-back guarantee offering a full refund if you don’t see any matching candidate in the first 12 months.

Black Friday Deal: up to 65% off



It’s the little things that make Skylum Luminar a powerful must-have tool for professional image editing.

You can use Luminar independently or as a plugin with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or macOS.

There are abundant one-click effects to make the desired changes effortlessly. Besides, the efficiency of all these modifications sets Luminar apart from most image editors.

Its potent AI engine helps you make changes to the entire image on any parts separately.

Artificial sun rays, hiding power lines, background removal, eliminating dust spots, etc., are some adjustments that can bring any image to life.

And what’s best other than to grab this enticing package for up to 85% off this black Friday?



Chaos has multiple products to empower the digital artist and the designer within you.

First, its V-Ray is a well-known 3D-rendering engine used in top Hollywood titles such as Iron Man, Ant-Man, Deadpool, etc. However, this isn’t limited to filmmaking but has takers in many industries such as architecture, automotive, product design, games, etc.

Similarly, you have Chaos Phoenix to simulate real-life environments. It helps you replicate effects like liquid splash, foam, fire, bubbles, drops, emissions, cascading, etc., to let viewers visualize your imagination in its entirety.

In addition, you can check out Chaos Cosmos, which is loaded with 3D content you can use in digital environments.

Frankly, there are many more tools to mention here. Put simply, Chaos’s prowess lies in its capability to bring extraordinary realism to anything you create.

Besides, the integrations with 3ds Max, SketchUp, Maya, Rhino, Unreal, Revit, Blender, and more, add to the overall package.

And the deal is even sweeter with a 20% black Friday discount (coupon: BF22).


There are many social channels, and to socialize on all such avenues simultaneously is not a cakewalk unless you have SocialBee.

In a nutshell, you can create, schedule, analyze, and publish on major social media platforms from a single dashboard.

SocialBee nicely integrates with Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY to make attractive posts and helps you generate hashtags automatically.

Notably, each post can be configured to individual platform requirements. In addition, one can post time-based content and recycle evergreen content with needed modifications.

SocialBee also fits the collaboration criteria for social media teams with its role-based permissions.

You can check this and more with its 14-day free, no-credit card trial.

Black Friday Discount: 70% off for 3 months or 30% off on the first year.



You can bank on Thinkificto turn your expertise into a thriving online business. This powers you to share your knowledge via online courses, live lessons, and memberships from a single platform without any geeky computer skills.

One can easily create courses with its drag-and-drop editor and pre-made templates. Thinkific works with both scheduled and self-paced classes. In addition, you can include multimedia lessons, quizzes, assignments, take exams, and award certificates.

You can also build a custom domain website with multiple pages, use themes, integrate tools, etc., to sell courses more efficiently. Community interactions are another area which Thinkific helps you take feedback from to build a better product.

Moreover, it allows you to market and scales your business if you opt for the Thinkific Plus subscription.

There is much more you can explore with the free tier, and there are interesting black Friday offers if you have already made up your mind.



Managing online business with remote employees and/or clients is never easy.

airSlate, however, attempts to take some of the pains away with its suite of tools; some of them are:

In addition, you get airSlate 100+ bots for no-code automation to aid in prefilling documents, updating records, automating mundane tasks, and more.

airSlate also integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft, Netsuite, AirTable, HubSpot, Smartsheet, Magento, Mailchimp, Zoho, etc.

You can get started with a free trial to see why users prefer an all-in-one airSlate subscription to automate business workflows.



Lead magnets don’t always work as expected, and that’s where Interact comes into the picture with its lively quizzes.

You get scores of templates to start quickly or can build from scratch. The quiz builder features drag-and-drop editing with branching logic.

Besides, the effortless integration with your existing marketing stack means more leads and less tedious work.

Interact also helps you segment the audience based on the inputs, collect data, and use stock images to power up the quiz magnets.

Additionally, one can customize the quizzes to match the brand style and white label to showcase authority.

Finally, the analytics, customer support, and a 14-day free trial leave no room for doubt.



Surviving in this internet-heavy digital age without a password manager is not only difficult but also unsafe.

Fret not! 1Password takes all those worries aside with its industry-leading product for individuals and businesses.

Powered by AES-256-bit encryption, 1Password offers best-in-class security with a master password no one knows except the vault owner.

In addition, everything is end-to-end encrypted to help keep the data-in-transit safe. Moreover, it comes with a user-friendly secure design that includes clipboard data management, auto lock, hack alerts, phishing protection, biometric unlock, etc.

Finally, the native applications for Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS ensure all-around security.

You can check out more by subscribing to its free 14-day trial available for individuals and teams.



Mailerlite is easy on the pocket and has excellent tools to ace email marketing for beginners.

To get started, you get a very capable forever free tier which includes 12k monthly emails, email automation, website builder, landing pages, signups, forms, etc.

Besides, drag and drop editor is to craft beautiful newsletters with a handy built-in image editor.

The paid plans add 24/7 support, eCommerce tools, personalized emails, auto-resend, Facebook integration, HTML editor, A/B testing, and more.

The best part? A 30-day free trial for its premium plans.



I have my personal projects on Cloudways and can vouch for their prompt support and overall performance.

This is a significant upgrade from the regular shared hosting.

In a nutshell, Cloudways helps you host your web project with cloud infrastructure companies (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc.) with its easy-to-handle control panel.

So, this becomes a virtual private server you can effortlessly control with a few clicks and toggles.

Cloudways subscriptions pack automated backups, security firewalls, staging, SSH & SFTP access, free SSL, free migrations, and ever-present support to help you out of any issues.

Coming to this black Friday deal, you’ll have 40% off for four months and up to 30 free migrations.

Coupon: BFCM4030


Going online is easy but staying performant is not. StatusCake is about all-round monitoring to keep you in control and help mitigate any issues just in time.


A few things it continuously checks are:

  • Website uptime
  • Page Speed
  • Domain expiration
  • Domain blacklisting
  • SSL monitoring
  • Website records

So this isn’t just about the uptime; StatusCake globally monitors every crucial aspect of your online business to help you thrive.

You can try this with its limited-powered free forever plan, and the paid ones feature a 7-day free trial.

Coupon: SUBU_BFGF22 for a lifetime 20% discount.

Grab Your Black Friday Deal!

This is the best time of the year to save big. Discounts run on most products across brands, and we hope you got the deal of your choice.

Enjoy to the fullest, and Happy Thanksgiving from Geekflare!