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Buying the right PC case matters. If you’ve been building your gaming PC and are at the very last step of browsing the best PC cases, there is more to consider than just something to hold all your hardware together. At the very minimum, you want to get the right size to accommodate all your components.

The challenge is to find something worthwhile from the thousands of options available, with the perfect blend of design, quality, and affordability. Whether you want a full tower, mid-tower, or mini-ITX case, our roundup of the best PC cases can help you get your rig up and running without the added stress.

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1. Best Premium Mid-Tower: NZXT H710i

Price: $269.99

The NZXT H710i was released in 2019 as an update to NZXT’s H710. It offers a clean build with many modern features to create a capable chassis that’d make a good home for your desktop gaming PC or workstation. However, the Smart Device V2, a smart hub that controls fan speeds and RGB lighting, is what really sets this case apart from the competition. The smart hub leverages machine learning to balance the system’s cooling and lighting in real time to suit your usage best.


  • NZXT’s signature look at an affordable price
  • A smart hub for automatic RGB lighting and fan speed management
  • Built-in vertical GPU mounting kit
  • One of the cleanest cable management setups
  • Four fans and two RGB strips
  • Tempered glass side panel


  • Price has fluctuated from its $170 launch price
  • Not the best airflow among mid-towers

Tip: once your PC is built, you’ll want to select RGB sync software to program all of your RGB components to work together.

2. Best Budget Case: Lian Li Lancool II Mesh

Price: $109.99

For those on a budget looking for an excellent combination of features and looks, the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh is a killer deal. It’s one of the easiest cases to build in, and you don’t have to sacrifice airflow, RGB lighting, or front I/O ports. There’s also an all-black version for those who prefer something less bright.


  • Premium, all-white design
  • High-airflow case with plenty of mesh panels and cooling support
  • Three ARGB fans at the front
  • Removable PSU shroud panels and multiple front radiator configurations
  • Hinged, magnetic panels
  • Highly modular components
  • Plenty of storage support
  • Simple cable management with white plates to cover all cables
  • Tempered glass side panel


  • Rear exhaust fan not included
  • Only 240mm radiator support at the top

3. Best Dual Chamber: Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO

Price: $169.99

When it comes to PC cases that are meant to adorn the most high-end and eye-catching builds, you can’t go wrong with the Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO. The dual-chamber case lets you shift the PSU to the back or build in reverse mode by flipping the tempered glass to the right side. Because of this versatility, the O11D EVO has been the favorite of PC builders who prefer a design that utilizes the entire space inside a case.


  • Movable tempered glass and I/O ports without any tools
  • Included LED strip
  • Unique design apt for showcasing high-end builds
  • Can mount GPU vertically or horizontally
  • Can add front mesh kit (if desired)


  • No included fans

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4. Best Airflow: Cooler Master H500P Mesh

Price: $199.99

Cooler Master is a well-known name in the PC industry, especially for PC cases. The Cooler Master H500P Mesh case justifies this, offering plenty of room and fans for airflow, even accommodating radiators of up to 360mm on the top and front if you want to increase the level of cooling in your system. The front of the case features two massive 200mm ARGB fans for plenty of fresh air for your components. The overall tough look of the case is unique as well as sturdy.


  • Tempered glass side panel and PSU shroud provide clean look
  • Industrial design with silver-white aesthetic
  • Support for vertical GPU mount
  • RGB controller included for comprehensive ARGB setup


  • Not the best value for money
  • No USB-C in the front I/O

5. Best Silent Case: Fractal Design Define R5

Price: $124.99

The Fractal Design Define R5 is a mid-tower case featuring a simple but sleek aesthetic that delivers the feel of a genuinely silent case with an impressive variety of features. Besides being affordable, the R5 is spacious, well built, and expertly designed.


  • Designed for a silent, no-nonsense build
  • High-density noise-reduction materials
  • Ability to configure for either high airflow or optimal silence
  • Removable drive cage and dust filters
  • Supports liquid cooling radiators of up to 360mm
  • Convenient building with tool-less SSD mounting and quick-release side panel
  • Dampening covers for unused fan slots


  • Design may be too plain for gamers
  • Cable management could be better
  • Big and heavy

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6. Best Full Tower: Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB

Price: $339.99

Sometimes mid-towers just aren’t enough, and you must go all out on a full-tower case. In that “case,” the Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB can satisfy your enthusiast itch while commanding a premium price tag. It’s best suited for those who want to make a statement with over-the-top builds, while featuring multiple large radiators and a massive graphics card. Also, Corsair’s iCUE software makes managing your RGB lighting a breeze.


  • Unlimited space for accommodating the biggest E-ATX motherboards and up to 11 120mm fans
  • Incredible cooling support with 480mm radiator support at the front and side
  • Four 140mm ARGB fans included
  • Fully featured front I/O panel
  • Tasteful RGB profile and premium tempered glass side panels
  • Allows for vertical or horizontal graphics card mounting


  • Quite pricey
  • Can feel empty with incompatible builds

7. Best mini-ITX: NZXT H210i

Price: $139

The NZXT H210i is the compact, uber-stylish, highly convenient member of NZXT’s lineup of cases. Even with the smaller footprint, you get premium build quality, an included RGB strip, a clean design, and a case that’s a joy to build. Like its much pricier cousins, the H210i boasts features like Smart Device V2, NZXT CAM software, and a tempered glass side panel.


  • Available in black/red and all-black variants too
  • Included dual 120mm fans
  • Easy cable management
  • Supports custom liquid cooling loop as well


  • Not as small as some other compact cases
  • Airflow not the best

Tip: if you still haven’t made up your mind while browsing through the best PC cases presented here, read through our guide to learn how to choose a PC case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which PC cabinet brand is the best?

There’s no single brand that can be declared the best. But you can always limit your options to trusted and long-standing PC cases brands like Lian Li, NZXT, Phanteks, Corsair, Cooler Master, and Fractal Design. Many other brands still offer quality cases at affordable prices and can also be a consideration.

How many fans should a PC have?

At a minimum, your PC case should have one intake and one exhaust fan to implement some degree of air intake and exhaust to cool your components. Modern PC components will require much more than this, however, and you should aim for at least three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans at the front and at least one 120mm fan at the rear. You can also check out our guide on intake/exhaust fans and PC airflow for the most optimum fan configuration for your specific build. Additionally, you should install a decent aftermarket air cooler or AIO for your CPU, if it has a TDP of anything above 65W.

What are the main types of cases for desktop computers?

PC cases mainly come in four form factors: full-tower, mid-tower, mini-ITX, and SFF (small form factor). While mid-towers are the most popular, full-towers and mini-ITX cases are also seen in many consumer desktop builds. More recently, SFF builds have caught the attention of desktop PC builders who desire PCs with smaller footprints.

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