Create Informative Manuals with These 11 User Manual Software

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User manual software aids productivity by accelerating a monotonous process.

Only a few leave a lasting impression in a crowded marketplace where countless products vie for customer engagement. A product’s power to achieve depends primarily on its value and how simple it is for users to utilize. No matter how robust or appealing a product may be, if it doesn’t improve the lives of its users, it fails.

At this point, user manual software takes center stage. Using the appropriate software solution, you may create thorough user manuals that lead clients through every stage of their product experience, from initial onboarding to full-fledged adoption. Here’s a quick look at the user manual software we’ve specially curated for you.





Powerful editor, category manager, multilingual assets.


GitHub integration, AI-based content creation, real-time editing.


Pre-designed themes, user feedback, Zapier integration, contextual help widget.


Robust platform, web editor, reporting tools, integration with ticketing.


Easy user manual publishing, 22 clicks, real-time solutions.


Sitemaps, readability analyzer, pre-made formatting templates, smart translation tool.


Built-in search, CSS customization, reader input, track topic performance.


Adaptable framework, robust search, personalized product tours, NPS surveys.


Single portal hosting, easy migration, version history, public and internal documentation.


Screen recording, GIFs, personalized user manuals, easy distribution.


Automated user manual creation, multi-user editing, interactive slideshows, timely notifications.

These manuals are thoughtfully designed to combine written instructions with visual aids, assuring customers enjoy an engaging and interactive experience when interacting with your product.

However, we are mindful of the challenges in picking the best tool for this job. Because of this, we decided to develop a list of the best user manual software. After extensive research and sifting through various product review websites, we thoroughly list the best user manual software with in-depth descriptions of their features.

Benefits of creating informative and easy-to-comprehend user manuals

Creating well-written user manuals is a noteworthy component of offering excellent customer service. Here are some benefits that your company might expect from creating wonderful user manuals:

  • Reduced Support Expenses: User manuals are vital for improving the customer experience and a cost-effective support tool for business owners.
  • Reduced Support Teams’ Workloads: Thorough user manuals allow customers to troubleshoot issues independently. As a result, your workforce has more time to focus on crucial tasks that drive business growth.
  • Superior Customer Loyalty: When users are provided with well-written manuals, the post-purchase experience is favorable and leaves a lasting impression. This premium customer service practice promotes repeat business.
  • Rising Conversion Rates: A smooth customer onboarding process increases the chance that users will be satisfied, which may even convince them to choose premium plans.

Additionally, happy consumers could spread positive feedback online or through word-of-mouth, increasing brand advocacy, recognition and boosting conversion rates.

Key Features of a User Manual Software

The following are some essential attributes of user manual software:

  • Editing and Creating Documents: Software for user manuals should offer a user-friendly interface for editing and creating documents. Rich text formatting, pictures, charts, tables, and other multimedia elements must be supported.
  • Template Library: Users can get going more quickly with a library of pre-designed templates. The branding and design of the organization can be matched to these templates.
  • Version Control: Versioning enables you to keep track of manual modifications over time. The conservation of an objective history of updates and modifications depends on this.
  • Collaboration Tools: Collaboration features enable multiple team members to work on the same document simultaneously. 
  • Reusing material: To maintain consistency and save time, users should be able to quickly and efficiently repurpose material across other sections or guides.
  • Support for several languages: The program should simplify translating and localizing material.
  • Feedback Loops: Enable users to remark on the documentation and exploit that input to create lasting advancements.
  • Training and assistance: To assure users get the most out of the product, offer training materials, documentation, and client service.

It can take a lot of time and effort to go through different websites to read reviews, check ratings, and pick the best solutions. But don’t worry! We have organized a thoroughly curated list of the best user manual software solutions. 


Document360 is a well-known software for its powerful abilities. It includes a powerful editor and category manager, making it simple to create eye-catching user manuals.

You can smoothly manage your content with six levels of categories and subcategories at your disposal. Thanks to its superficial drag-and-drop user interface, you may quickly reorganize these categories as needed.



  • Access a thorough change history for any content, including rollback and versioning tools.
  • Make backups of your work quickly and restore them to earlier iterations.
  • Utilize custom CSS to adapt your knowledge base to your tastes.
  • The in-app assistant effectively provides on-the-spot assistance while reducing support tickets.
  • With multilingual assets, you may get a global audience and serve clients from all over the world.

Document360’s AI-powered search functionality, which is very efficient and mobile-friendly, is one of its significant features. This guarantees that consumers can quickly find the data they require.


GitBook contains various popular features typically seen in other user manual tools and is specifically geared toward technical people.

These capabilities include using pre-designed templates, group and subgroup pages, tables, photos, and several other elements. But GitBook’s flawless interaction with GitHub makes it stand out.



  • Integration with the third-party tools and programs you like, including Jira, Slack, and Discord.
  • Utilises AI to create highly instructive knowledge-based content.
  • Utilizing a ticket-based system, it is easier to request updates, manage reviews and revisions, and compare versions.
  • It provides a Real-Time Block Editor that lets you quickly reorganize the content. 
  • This editing approach is quick and simple because it allows code blocks, pictures, tables, and other features.

In particular, for technical teams, GitBook streamlines the process of developing user manuals by easily handling code blocks, tables, and well-known shortcuts.


The pre-designed themes and layouts that come with KnowledgeOwl make it simple for users to browse your knowledge collection. Additionally, you can tag content to guarantee its inclusion in search results.



  • Compiling user feedback through comments and ratings to gauge content satisfaction.
  • Enabling questions and comments through contact forms for user interaction.
  • Combining with other software via Zapier for enhanced functionality.
  • Implanting a contextual help widget on your website or application enables users to search and access your user manual effortlessly.

You can tighten security and control who can access your user manual using KnowledgeOwl. You can supply users and readers with particular permissions depending on their demands.


ProProfs is a robust platform with ample tools that will accompany you during every stage of manual creation, from initial content generation to final publishing and crucial phases. It lets you create an exciting user manual packed with useful information, carefully organized and presented using textual text, graphics, and videos.

YouTube video


  • Employ an easy-to-use web editor to compose, edit, and format text.
  • Connect presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents with ease.
  • Confirm your manual is in line with your company’s personality and principles.
  • Utilize the built-in reporting tools to access, track, and analyze performance data.
  • Interface with well-known ticketing and chat solutions to improve user assistance and engagement.

ProProfs dramatically expedites creating your user manual by presenting various authoring, customization, import, and export options.


You can quickly and easily publish thorough user manuals in various formats using Dr.Explain to ease the process of writing them. Dr.Explain has you covered whether you require a help center integrated into your desktop or mobile applications or want to set up an online repository merged with your website or SaaS solution.



  • The first edition of your new user manual is only 22 clicks away, thus, Dr.Explain has an easy-to-use interface.
  • In 3 minutes, users will find the solutions to their questions.
  • In one day, train the new team and customers.
  • Pay only when you are pleased with the outcomes.

Dr.Explain also lets you upload your documentation as an online help system to a server, making it available to your users.


Sonat is a feature-rich software program made specifically for creating user manuals. It efficiently decodes the problems of creating and publishing polished, user-friendly instructions.

This online platform will guide the entire manual creation process for manual authorship, who will be by your side at every step.



  • Utilize sitemaps to ensure that your material receives the best search engine rankings.
  • Employ a readability analyzer that rates the readability metrics of your material to your benefit.
  • Utilise pre-made formatting templates to accelerate the structuring process and save time.
  • Use a smart translationtool to connect easily with a larger international audience.

Sonat is organized to operate all of your issues by forming excellent manuals. It serves in a team-based setting that successfully compiles specialists from diverse fields to guarantee the publication of your best work.


For the presentation, design, and publication of the material, Manula offers various enticing features. This software delivers the option to enforce password security for improved document privacy, making it easier to handle countless document versions. 



  • Built-in search engine for rapid searches.
  • Support for customized CSS allows for thorough manual customization.
  • Get reader input on articles to boost the quality of the content.
  • Track topic performance, monitor user reviews, and examine search behavior.
  • Publish manuals across many devices easily.

Manula also enables the integration of YouTube videos while simplifying content formatting using simple codes. Additionally, Manula lets you create PDF versions of your guides, which you can easily download.


Stonly provides an adaptable framework for building interactive user manuals and solving specific hardships that may arise at diverse points.

This tool features an all-purpose widget that delivers detailed guidance for client onboarding, product configuration, and feature uptake. The widget proactively interacts with clients and shows support before they contact you.



  • Robust search functionality provides precise, targeted results.
  • The universal widget promotes personalized guidance, enriching the user experience.
  • Visual cues form an interactive and self-guided journey for users.
  • Personalized product tours dynamically adapt based on customer interactions and actions.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys can measure and observe customer satisfaction.

As the industry’s top user manual software, Stonly uses user data and powerful targeting features to provide content served explicitly to resolve particular problems.


ClickHelp lets you host and broadcast your material in a single portal, making creating user manuals easier. 

If you have pre-existing content you want to utilize immediately, ClickHelp provides easy migration from programs like MS Word, Open Office, and HTML. It also includes configurable roles and permissions strategies to save your documentation from unauthorized access.



  • You will have access to an endless version of history.
  • Employ a single source of content for several articles.
  • Make public and internal documentation.
  • To improve performance, keep an eye on critical content metrics.

One of the distinct features that distinguishes ClickHelp as a user manual generation tool is its solid infrastructure, which contains a user-friendly interface and automated backup support.


Scribe is a program that creates step-by-step manuals in seconds. Using the Scribe plugin, you may simplify the approach by recording your screen as you tour through a specific task or activity – the platform will handle the rest.

Scribe can form user manuals with GIFs, photos, and clear instructions that you may easily circulate to your consumer base.



  • Meld Scribe tutorials into the platforms your users are already familiar with.
  • Create personalized user manuals quickly to aid clients in overcoming specific issues.
  • Add context to software-generated papers by including hyperlinks, tips, and notifications.
  • Make a how-to guide with text and screenshots automatically.

Professionals in the field can easily do the process themselves, and once it is over, you will have a complete manual at your disposal.


Tango flatters itself on its automated user manual software. Using a straightforward click-through method, Tango handles the entire process, including capturing screenshots, composing descriptive text, and creating a shareable link to your freshly crafted guide.



  • It empowers users to generate content from a single source and effortlessly disseminate it in various formats.
  • Promotes collaborative content creation and editing through its multi-user editing abilities.
  • Efficiently manages multiple iterations of your articles.
  • Advances your content by enabling the output of captivating interactive slideshows.

It ensures you receive timely notifications through its extension regarding relevant user manuals associated with the website or tool you are currently operating, all without the necessity to switch tabs or interrupt your associates.


The software discussed above has some commonalities but also some differences. While you have access to all these tools, determining which is best for you requires a thorough grasp of your requirements.

List your specific necessities:

  • What customization do you hope to offer?
  • What kind of user manual capabilities do you like?
  • Do you want mobile responsiveness or just desktop compatibility?
  • What, more crucially, is your budget?

The decision-making process becomes more accessible by answering these questions and recording your preferred features. Your primary goal should be to discover an all-in-one, user-friendly, feature-rich solution that provides incredible value for your money.

Next up, while working on those customer satisfaction brownie points, consider what your customers are saying too. Here’s how to collect Voice of Customer (VOC) to improve your business.