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Give your Terminal a Retro Look Using Cool Retro Term in Linux

Want to give your Terminal a retro look? This guide contains instructions to help you to install Cool Retro Terminal application in all Linux distributions.Cool Retro TerminalHave you ever wondered how you...

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How to Check CPU and HDD Temperature in Ubuntu and Other Linux

Wondering how you can check the CPU and HDD temperature in Ubuntu and other Linux on your desktop or laptop? Here’s a quick guide.You do not actually require checking CPU or HDD temperature if you are an...

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How to Clean Up Flatpak Apps to Clear Disk Space

Here’s how to clean up Flatpak apps to reclaim your precious disk space. Follow along.  Flatpak (like Snap) packages run in sandbox mode. By design, it takes a considerable amount of disk space for an individual application, even if it is...

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Endless OS Review - Desktop Linux Done Right for the Masses

We review the popular Endless OS as Linux Desktop with the new features and updates of the latest version 4.0. Endless OS is a OSTree based free and open-source Linux Distribution. This Linux distribution is packaged from Debian/Ubuntu,...

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How to Recover Arch Linux Install via chroot And Extract Data

This quick guide explains some of the steps which may come in handy to recover an Arch Linux Install.Being a rolling release, sometimes things break in Arch Linux. Not because of your own actions but hundreds...

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KDE neon is Now Based on Ubuntu 22.04 'Jammy Jellyfish' - OMG! Ubuntu!

KDE neon (it’s stylised with a lowercase ‘n’) has rebased on top of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, bringing many of the LTS’ foundations new features to users of this ‘not a distro’.The developers beavering away on the...

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New App Lets You Save Clipboard Content as a New File on Ubuntu - OMG! Ubuntu!

Every copied a block of text to your clipboard and wished you could quickly save it as a file?Well, open source developer Marcos Costales (of Folder Color fame) has released a new app that does precisely...

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Windows 11 Task Manager is preventing the Safely Remove Hardware feature - gHacks Tech News

The latest version of Windows 11 has a bug that may prevent the safe removal of hardware from the device. Discovered by our colleagues over at Deskmodder, it appears that Windows 11's own Task Manager...

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