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GeForce GPUs are slowing down after installing the Windows 11 2022 Update

[]4 days ago

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A new version of the GeForce Experience software will fix the issue.

The GeForce 3080 Ti.

Enlarge / The GeForce 3080 Ti.

Sam Machkovech

Some users of Nvidia's GeForce graphics cards are noticing severe performance issues after installing the Windows 11 2022 Update (aka Windows 11 22H2) that Microsoft released to the public earlier this week. As reported by Bleeping Computer, affected users have experience stuttering, inconsistent framerates, and slowdowns, even on fast PCs with modern components.

Nvidia says the problem is caused by some new Windows graphics debugging features that are enabled by mistake.

The company publicly acknowledged the issueΒ and released a new beta version of the GeForce Experience software package that it says should fix it. This implies that the problem is with Nvidia's add-on software rather than the GeForce drivers themselves; if you installed the drivers without the GeForce Experience software, you may not have noticed the slowdown in the first place.

Bugs like these are why Microsoft rolls major Windows updates out in phases, beginning with a small group of PCs and working outward. The company learned this lesson early in the Windows-as-a-service era when problems like non-functional webcams, data loss, and broken apps cropped up early in the public rollout process for significant feature updates.

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