Making sense of the OpenAI meltdown and what may happen next

[] 1 week ago

Kettle By now you've probably all seen the drama at OpenAI unfolding: CEO Sam Altman being fired by the board, attempts to woo him back, and attempts by Microsoft to hire him and his staff, who have threatened to quit.

We've summarized the situation here, though as it's a fast-moving, evolving story, anything could happen in the next half hour. We got out vultures together to analyze what this means for OpenAI and Microsoft users, what this means for AI in general, and more.

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On today's show we have Register US editor Iain Thomson as the host, ed-in-chief Chris Williams, IT reporter Brandon Vigliarolo, datacenter editor Tobias Mann, and our publisher and former editor Drew Cullen.

This episode was produced and edited by deputy ed-in-chief Nicole Prickett Hemsoth. You can find previous Kettle shows right here. ®