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Best TV Antenna for 2022

Subscription TV can be quite expensive, no matter where you get it. A live TV streaming service , a satellite dish or a cable connection can provide you with hundreds of channels to watch. But if you're...

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Best Smart TV for 2022: Top Picks in Every Budget From Samsung, Roku, TCL, LG and More

Built-in smart platforms from popular players such as Roku, Google and Amazon Fire TV can offer value, but choosing a new TV is a little more complicated than just finding the best streaming option.

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Best Tennis Balls of 2022

You might think you can use any old tennis ball on the court, but it's important to get the right ones. A high-quality tennis ball can make all the difference in your performance and whether a game is fun or...

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Best Nanny Cams for 2022

With advancements in technology, home security is more accessible than ever. Not only can you keep your house safe with a circuit of home security cameras , they're also easy to buy and set up. That includes...

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Best Mechanic's Tool Sets for 2022

Would a baker bake a beautiful cake without the proper utensils? Would a photographer take a picture without their trusty camera? Now, would a mechanic fix a car without the right tools? The answer to all...

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Red Hat OpenShift adds heterogenous clusters mixing x86, Arm

Red Hat has delivered a tech preview of its OpenShift containerization platform that can drive clusters spanning both x86 and Arm silicon. Version 4.10 of OpenShift, announced in March 2022 , added the ability...

[]4 hours ago

Heatwave in China forces factories to shut down, affecting Intel, Foxconn, Toyota, and many others

In a nutshell: The ongoing heatwave and drought in China have caused power shortages in the Sichuan province, which relies greatly on hydroelectric power. The government ordered several factories in the area...

[]6 hours ago

Oracle adds significant feature to Solaris

Oracle's Solaris operating system remains widely used, even though Big Red more or less froze development of the product in 2018 save for regular Support Repository Updates (SRUs) that add minor updates and...

[]6 hours ago

Truth about that ban on US govt from buying insecure apps

An attempt by lawmakers to improve parts of the US government's cybersecurity defenses has raised questions – and hackles – among infosec professionals. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year...

[]8 hours ago

2024 Acura ZDX Will Be the Brand's First EV

What's happening Acura confirmed its first EV, set to launch in 2024, will be called ZDX. A higher-performance ZDX Type S is coming, too. Why it matters The ZDX will ride on the same electric architecture as...

[]8 hours ago

Ether is up 100% since its bottom in June, massively outperforming bitcoin

Since finding a bottom in mid-June, ether has massively outperformed bitcoin as investors anticipate a major upgrade to the ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin hit a low of $17,601 on June 19 and is up around 31%...

[]9 hours ago

Did CNN’s Brian Stelter lose his job because of politics or money?

Why was Brian Stelter, CNN’s star media reporter and host of its Reliable Sources show, pushed out of his job this week? Inside and outside of CNN, there are two working theories. But before we get there,...

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